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  • What is CRA?
    Clinical Research Associates (CRA) was founded to help individuals find clinical trials. We work with volunteers and clinical researchers nationwide. 
  • What is a clinical trial?
    Clinical trials are studies that clinical researchers conduct in order to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments, drugs, and devices. Participants in clinical trials are provided with specific instructions to follow, and their health and safety are monitored closely. Typically, more tests and evaluations are performed during clinical trials than in the normal course of medical treatment.
  • Why participate in a clinical trial?
    There are many reasons why you might want to volunteer to take part in a clinical trial, including receiving monetary compensation, furthering medical research, and accessing medications and treatments before they become available to the general public.
  • Who can take part in clinical trials?
    Each and every clinical trial has a unique set of eligibility criteria. Some clinical trials seek patients suffering from a specific medical condition, while others require healthy participants.  

    There are many factors that may include or exclude people from participating in a clinical research study, including age, gender, and pre-existing medical conditions. In order to qualify for a clinical trial, you must satisfy the study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • What types of clinical trials exist?
    Clinical trials are conducted to test treatments, seek ways to prevent diseases from occurring or returning, find better diagnostic tests and procedures, and explore different methods for detecting medical conditions. Clinical trials may also be performed to determine how to improve quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses.
  • What are the disadvantages of joining a clinical research study?
    Participating in clinical research studies may come with certain disadvantages, including unexpected or even life-threatening side effects, numerous trips to the hospital, complex instructions, and paperwork.
  • Can I participate in more than one clinical trial?
    You may qualify for multiple clinical trials, but you are usually not allowed to participate in more than one study at a time. The minimum wait period between clinical trials is generally between one and four months.  
  • Can I leave a clinical trial at any time?
    Yes. You can end your participation in a clinical trial for any reason.
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I was really happy with the service that I received from your site. The trials I was setup with were just what I was looking for.

- Chris S., Ohio